Uni of Life Sciences Academic Choir

It’s almost 45 years since first music lovers met to practice together sacral and secular music compositions in University of Life Sciences Academic Choir. Bach, Mozart, Janequin and many others from various time periods with success were performed on many our concerts.

Choir’s life is mostly based on practice meetings along with concert trips. We’ve been visiting countries like Austria, England, Denmark, France, Greece, Germany, Italy, Ukraine.

Choir also became an organizer of “Cantate Domino” – choral festival having place in St. Mary’s Church in Warsaw every two years.

Since 1979 Choir’s conductor became Michał Dąbrowski, who is supported by his two colleagues: Ewa Goc and Jolanta Kaufman.

You’re very welcomed to come! Why not to give yourself a try? :)

Our practice meetings are performed as forward:

Place: Nowoursynowska 166, The Old Campus of Univeristy, building  No 8,  auditorium 101 .

Mondays: sopranos and tenors (19.30-21.30)

Tuesdays: altos and basses (19.30-21.30)

Thursdays: all together (19.00-21.30)